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Maskuerade Ball Project: Flagged, tie-string syrgical masks, dye, fan, 49" X 70", 2006. Jay Critchley.

This project reclaims the ubiquitous and austere tie-string surgical mask – recently made a visible worldwide emblem of fear and panic – with the questions:  Whose fear? Whose voice?  Whose cover-up?

Should the media’s spoon-fed, Flu-of the-Month scares direct our energy and attention? The Maskuerade Ball is an ongoing exploration of the material and substance of the tie-string surgical mask and the symbolic and cultural uses of masks. It hopes to activate people and elicit a deeper understanding of what the real concerns and problems are in our lives and on the planet.

Peace Flags: Compelled by the need to create an advertisement for peace post 9-11, Melina Finkelstein, in her first attempt at political speech and functional art, created "The Blooming of Peace." Peace Flags, a web site where you can buy products with "The Blooming of Peace" design, was created as a fundraising mechanism for social justice organizations. Finkelstein will be exhibiting her peace flags in a show entitled "Art and Politics," in the office of San Francisco Green Party Supervisor, Matt Gonzalez. "Art and Politics" will be on view from March 1 – April 30, 2002. The opening reception will be on March 1 from 6 to 8 pm. Matt Gonzalez' office is located in City Hall in room 244. This event is free. For more information call 415-663-9263.


Art Quilts: Jeanne Williamson in Natick, Massachusetts, has been responding to ever-changing current events through her weekly quilts.