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 Artists Respond to the Political Present

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You have seen America's response to France's dissent from the war on Iraq II with the emergence of freedom fries, and bans on wine and cheese. Now see what the French are saying. Forum Etapes is a website that posts anti-war and anti-U.S. policy posters and art work. 


Stanton Studio – Barcelona Spain Protest Art contains collection of Spanish artwork aimed as dissenting to war.

NoWarFont is an German exhibition in Berlin featuring artwork from protestors of the War in Iraq. This website also serves as " AN OPEN-SOURCE STYLE FONT PROJECT, BRINGING TOGETHER GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, ARTISTS OR JUST SKILLED PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD TO MAKE IT MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS." Go to their site if you are interested in participating in a global artistic experiment dedicated to peace and world harmony.

Stop Wars is a spanish site featuring art, signs for rallies, and text (which I can't understand because I don't speak spanish). Whether you can understand spanish or not, the powerful images and messages the site conveys can be understood universally; war is bad, killing is wrong, and a better solution must be found.